The Best Truck Manufacturers and Where to Find Them

For trucks that will traverse deserts, mountains and even entire countries, having a quality vehicle is an undisputed must. Here we have put together the list of what we believe are the top five trucking manufacturers and where you can find them.

  1. Isuzu have been in the trucking game for more than 80 years. Already Japan’s leading truck manufacturer, they are fast leading the way in global truck manufacture. Whether, heavy, medium or light duty truck, Isuzu has a top quality range and a vast international distributor network. There are 37 distributors in Europe alone. Another benefit of Isuzu is their focus on clean diesel technology and their development of low pollution alternative fuel vehicles; perfect for the eco-friendly trucker.
  2. Volvo Group is synonymous with top quality trucking. Following their 2013 alliance with Chinese truck manufacturer Dong Feng Motor Group Company Limited (DFG), to acquire 45% of a new subsidiary, Volvo Group are now the world’s largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks. Specializing in heavy-duty trucks, Volvo Group not only offers the trucks themselves but financing and roadside assistance. Volvo dealers are worldwide, with specialized sales teams for governments, relief operations and international fleets.
  3. Daimler AG are responsible for the production of all trucks bearing the marks of Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Unimog, Western Star, Fuso and BharatBenz. This German multi-national automotive giant prides itself on the variety it can offer. In particular, the Mercedes Benz trucks are renowned for their versatility, spacious interior and, as expected, interior and exterior style. Today, Daimler AG is still considered a pioneer in superior manufacturing and innovative technology.
  4. Toyota Group makes their contribution to Trucks via Hino Motors. As with many of Toyota’s other automotive ventures, their trucks are also available as Hybrids in an attempt to minimize the pollution problem that plagues the automotive industry. Specializing in both heavy and medium duty trucks, Hino focuses as much on people as on the machinery. They remain insistent that their key to success is an emphasis on training and the work ethic of their manufacturing team.
  5. Tata Group are perhaps most recognizable as the owners of Daewoo. As India’s premier automotive company, they offer a wide variety of trucks, including some intended for military use. They are also focused on environmentally friendly logistics, developing electric and hybrid alternatives for public and private transport. Above all, Tata Group specializes in light-duty trucks, with the Prima and Ultra ranges of their trucks being at the top of their game. The only downside is that they are quite hard to buy from directly outside of India.
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