Logistics Centre for Skills and Innovation

Imy Clarke - On behalf of Alchemy Recruitment, August 24, 2015

In the Daventry District of Northamptonshire, plans are underway for the development of a Logistics Centre for Skills and Innovation. The project comes fresh from the idea of expanding skills and education in the area linked directly to industry.

Once in place, with the support of the University of Northampton, the centre would seek to help train current and prospective employees of the logistics industry with the skills they need to grow and progress. The centre aims to help employers find the right people to fill the jobs they have open. One of the major priorities of the centre is to address the shortage of drivers for large goods vehicles. This centre could definitely be part of a solution to encourage employment and further training within the logistics industry.

A site at Prologis RFI DRIFT has been identified as the best location for this new logistics hub that will serve the Midlands and ever further afield. It seeks to fulfill a requirement of the Development Consent Order granted by the secretary of state for DRIFT III. As such the Centre will be within a full equipped and functional building within DRIFT III, containing all the expertise, resources and recent intelligence to help begin and further logistics training and employment.

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